The Oaks Ignore Their Pleas


What am I about?  That’s a great question…and I’m not really sure I’ve got a great answer.

I’m a dad to 3 wonderful (sometimes frustrating) kids

I’m a husband to a wonderful, patient, (sometimes frazzled) wife

I’m a “product evangelist” of sorts, for a Boston-based financial services company

I’m a call firefighter in my adopted hometown

I’d love to invent a new job/career that combines the prior two statements

I’m a frustrated (former) musician

I wish I was better at carpentry

I don’t read nearly enough fiction anymore

I’m a pretty darn good skier, considering I didn’t start until I was 18

I need to exercise more

In the 80’s, Rush was my favorite band

In the 90’s I enjoyed anything by the Gin Blossoms

So far, in the 00’s, Keane is the one band that I’ll drop anything to listen to

I love cinnamon donuts, but you can never find them anymore

I should probably quit procrastinating and go clean up my workshop


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