The Oaks Ignore Their Pleas

“The number of …

Posted in General by Jeff Graves on February 26, 2014

“The number of requests we get for an on-premise solution is down 90%. It used to be one of the most common requests. Now it’s almost completely disappeared.” – Phil Libin


I was going through my Pocket reading list yesterday to archive some of the content, when I came across this 2013 article from Stowe Boyd via GigaOm on the “consumerization of work”.  It’s fascinating to see the traditional view of software and IT infrastructure erode so rapidly, both in terms of cloud adoption as well as employee expectations about the technology they use to get their jobs done.  Stowe writes a lot about the need for a change in the very structure of work itself, and these technical changes are the underpinnings of that change, I think.  Large or small, the companies that are most successful in the coming years will be the firms that take these shifts seriously.


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