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Super Bowl Observations

Posted in General by Jeff Graves on February 3, 2014

The game itself wasn’t much of a contest – literally from the very first (mis) snap, the Broncos seemed to be cursed, and the Seahawks did very little wrong.  But as always, it was entertaining, from the commercials to the hyped half-time show to running commentary on Twitter (sorry, Facebook, I never even checked you.)  A few thoughts…

Hours before the game started, I headed to the grocery store for my weekly run.  Yes, it was busy, but I was a bit surprised to find just about everything I went for.  That is, until I got to the “sauce” aisle after deciding to make chicken wings for the game.  There were plenty of bottles of sauce on the shelf, except for one – Frank’s Red Hot.  Apparently, a lot of people decided to put that S%^t on everything, because there was a huge hole where the Frank’s Red Hot used to be.  It was the only sauce even close to being sold out, and in it’s place was a solitary bottle of Louisiana brand hot sauce.  Tip: Louisiana brand actually is pretty damn good.

The always over-hyped commercials were just eh, I thought.  I did like the Radio Shack “Back to the 80’s” ad, although I’m not sure it will do much for Radio Shack’s reputation.  (I wonder if they still ask you for all that information when you go to check out).  There were the requisite tear-jerkers from Budweiser, and the salute to Lt. Chuck Nadd was well done.  Most of the others sort of blend into one another, although I thought the Bob Dylan Chrysler commercial was just plain sad.  Apparently money can buy anything, even 60’s icons.

The strange pairing of Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers actually worked for me.  Mars got the pace rocking with his opening numbers, and the Chili Peppers took it a notch higher, while Mars played right along.  It was loud, bright, over the top, and just right for halftime.  As someone pointed out on Twitter though, I wonder when Mars and any of the Chili Peppers will actually speak again, though.

Oh, and the game…well, the game was, as too many Super Bowls seem to become, a bit of a snooze fest.  Even the Fox commentators gave up towards the end of the 3rd quarter and deemed the game “over”, after trying to concoct scenarios at halftime for Manning to engineer a comeback.  It’s hard to reconcile the Denver Broncos team we saw 2 weeks ago dismantle the New England Patriots with the team that couldn’t even run their first play from scrimmage without the other team scoring.  It was nice to see the underdogs take home the trophy, even though I didn’t actually stay up to see any of the post-game festivities.  All in all, it was less of a sporting event than an entertainment one, and it managed to capture my attention for 4 hours, and I guess that’s what it’s all about.


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