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Here Comes Friday…

Posted in General by Jeff Graves on November 8, 2013

and that means an opportunity to spend a couple minutes reflecting on the week.  

  • As much as it feels like summer weather ends very suddenly around Labor Day, the transition from fall to winter seems to now revolve around the end of Daylight Savings time.  Not from a strict weather sense, because this week has been fairly mild in New England, but more from a psychological sense – dusk starts to arrive before 4pm, and it’s only the beginning of November.
  • Election Day was this week, but this year it was a non-event here locally – a lot happened around the country but even that seemed to be more positioning for the next “big” election cycle.  
  • While I really enjoy my Teavana tea, this article started to make me think about whether I need to look for an alternate source.  I’m not thrilled about the notion of pesticides OR flavorings in my tea…but the Dragon Pearls Green Tea in my cup is tasting pretty good this morning.
  • I’m really starting to see the limitations of iOS7 on my iPhone4 – certain apps run really slowly, almost to the point of it not being worth it to use them.  Maybe it’s time to start saving pennies for an iPhone5S?
  • Taking the occasional break from cycling is good, I think, provided that break doesn’t last too long.  I’ve scaled back my riding for the last 4 weeks or so, and have taken a complete break for the last two weeks, but I can already feel a difference in my lung capacity and in my legs.  Training starts up again this weekend, but it will likely take place primarily on the indoor bike.
  • I had forgotten how long it takes to really feel comfortable with coding – I’ve started to learn Python this week, and while I came to it with a pretty good understanding of coding constructs, Python syntax and usage is something new.  I’m itching to actually DO something with it…more to come on that.

The sun is finally starting to peak above the horizon…time to go finish out the week strong!

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