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Managing Photos In the Digital Age

Posted in General by Jeff Graves on November 7, 2013

It used to be that managing photos was a fairly simple thing.  You kept all of your pictures in a shoebox, or an album, or many shoeboxes or albums.  Maybe if you were really organized, and had a lot of photos, you set up a file cabinet or folder structure for all of your pictures.  I’m sure that professional photographers had all kinds of ways to keep track of their photos, but for most of us amateur or casual photographers, it was pretty simple.  Of course, you ran into storage limitations, and sometimes your photos got damaged, and it was always hard to find that one picture from last summer’s vacation.

But the digital age changed all that, and now everything is perfect.  Well, maybe not perfect (and yes, I realize that we’re talking serious first-world-problems here).  The greatest thing about digital photography is that an amateur like me can take dozens and dozens of photos during a family outing and then go through and pick the 2 or 3 that actually came out really well.  During the “film” days, you rationed your photos to make sure that you maximized the number of “good” photos on a roll, because only professionals could afford to carry a ton of film around.

The only downside to that is that someone like me ends up with a ton of photos stored on a hard drive somewhere, and while that’s good from a physical space perspective, it can make for an organizational challenge.  Today, I’ve got photos taken from 2 different digital cameras, my iPhone, and even a handful of photos from my iPad, and they are all sitting in various locations, either on my Mac or somewhere in the cloud.  I recently spend a bit of time to upload them all into Flickr, to put them all in a single place.  The challenge now though is that much like when photos were sitting in a pile of boxes, I have to go through and manually organize them into collections.

One such solution was Everpix, which unfortunately is shutting down.

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