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Wendy Kopp in The Atlantic on the US Education System

Posted in General by Jeff Graves on October 27, 2013

Today, academic mediocrity comes at a much higher price. The U.S. used to lead the world in the percentage of students graduating from high school and earning college degrees. Now about 20 countries outpace us. Perspective is relative, and Ripley argues that standing still while the rest of the world pulls ahead is falling behind. America’s marginal gains are not cutting it against a steep new learning curve. Sticking with schools that were designed for another era, as Ravitch suggests, would leave more of our citizens increasingly ill-equipped to compete for high-skill, high-paying jobs.

Do American Schools Need to Change? Depends What You Compare Them To, Wendy Kopp in The Atlantic

Kopp compares 2 current books on education, Diane Ravitch’s Reign of Error and Amanda Ripley’s The Smartest Kids in the World, which view the US education systems through very different lenses.  Kopp makes the argument that Ravitch’s position that there is no crisis in the US education system ignores the global reality that the US has slid behind many countries in terms of results, despite the fact that we spend more per pupil than almost any country.

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