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A Big Day for Apple, But Maybe Not In The Way We Expected

Posted in General by Jeff Graves on October 23, 2013

Apple’s big iPad / Mac day has come and gone, and at first glance, it was what I’ve come to expect from them – some incremental improvements in the iPad and Macbook product lines, along with more details on the previously announced Mac Pro.  The iPad Air looks cool, but doesn’t really represent a radical change in the tablet concept, and we’ve been waiting on an iPad Mini with Retina display practically since the original was announced.  I was a little surprised that the new iPads won’t be shipping with the Touch ID sensor that the iPhone 5S ships with, so now we’ve got something to anticipate for the next round.  Adding the Retina display to the new Macbooks is another good move, but again, represented an evolution of the form, not a radical reinvention.  

The big news, at least for me, was the announcement that the OS X Mavericks operating system is now available for installation, for FREE.  The price of OS X has been steadily heading down over the past few releases, but this is a pretty significant development.  Sure, you’ve been able to download an open source version of Linux for years now for free, but here’s a commercial tech company giving away the very brains of their desktop computing line.  This is a huge benefit for existing Mac users (I’ll be upgrading my iMac this weekend, as soon as the initial crush of downloads subsides), and it’s a big challenge for Microsoft, who makes a fair amount of revenue from sales of the Windows OS.  It’s interesting that we’ve slowly moved to a much more diversified OS environment when it comes to consumer tech – Windows, OS X, iOS, Android, even the various flavors of Linux – a big change from the  consumer computing environment of the 90s and early 2000’s when Windows owned that space.  I wonder if we’ll actually see a new OS emerge in the coming years, or if the fact that both Linux and OS X are free will discourage new innovation in that OS space.   Wired has more on this announcement here.  

TechCrunch has done a nice job as usual summarizing Apple’s event here


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