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Ready, Set, Go! (or 2010, Look Out!)

Posted in General by Jeff Graves on January 4, 2010

So here it is, 10:15pm on a Sunday night, and tomorrow is the first workday of 2010.  Of course, the lines between work and personal life continue to blur, so while I have not officially been in the office in nearly 2 weeks, I’ve spent a ton of time thinking, planning, and figuring out the “big picture” things that I want to focus on in the next 12 months.  That, in turn, has led to a lot of more focused thought around specific stuff that I need to accomplish in order to get somewhere.

It’s kind of funny…a lot of people make a big deal about New Year’s resolutions, and there always seem to be a ton of cynics who want to point out how rarely New Year’s resolutions survive past the month of January.  And yet, the first of the year always seems to be a great place to pause, to reassess, and to redirect our energy, even if it’s not in the form of specific goals or change targets.  But, I suppose you could just as easily reassess things on July 1st, or August 15th, or at 3am some night when you can’t sleep because the dog next door is howling.

Regardless, I am determined to make this year a transformative year, in a lot of respects.  I’ve been around the sun enough times (44 as of Tuesday) that I’m pretty sure that this time next year, we’re going to be looking in the rear view mirror at a lot of stuff that we never saw coming, that might make a huge difference in how our lives evolve.  But in terms of the things that I can control, I plan to take my Themeword for the year to heart, and truly make this a year for action on a lot of fronts.

Professionally, this will be a significant year, with multiple trips overseas already on the calendar, which in itself will be educational, and a larger growth opportunity for me than perhaps any single event to date.  In addition, I’ve made strides in the last 2 months on an independent project that I plan to start building traction on, and that will be something that I’ll write about here as well.

Personally, there’s a ton going on as well that will make 2010 challenging and rewarding, both from a family and personal standpoint.  Again, should make good fodder for material for this blog.

Interestingly enough, I just took a look at my Twitter page, and the very first Tweet shown is a pretty powerful way to end this “starting gate” post:

v_shakthi Finally , what you DID NOT do always outweighs what you did in the end

Thank you, Shakthi, for providing just the right way to start my year!


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