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My #Themeword for 2010 (and how I got there)

Posted in General by Jeff Graves on December 31, 2009

After being introduced to the concept of the Themeword by Tara Hunt and Erica Douglass, I’ve spent a fair amount of time an energy trying to decide on what my Themeword for 2010 should be.  If you’re not familiar with the concept, check out this post by Tara, or this one by Erica O’Grady.  In a nutshell, a Themeword is a single word that represents what you want your year to be about.

The challenge for me is that there are so many words that could represent what I’d like to make 2010 about, and as with so many things, the real challenge is paring down the “good” words, and the “great” words, to come up with that ONE word that fits just so.  In addition, I didn’t want to blindly copy others’ ideas, at least not unless I really couldn’t come up with another alternative.  This meant that words like “Achieve”, “Adventure”, “Focus”, and “Execute”, while all pretty relevant for where I find myself now, were set aside.

In addition, there were some words that represented a means to the end, not necessarily the end itself.  Given that I have never been great at building truly meaningful connections outside of my close circle of family and friends, “Connect” was a strong contender.  However, in the end, while I do intend to build my connection skills in the coming year, it really represents a skill that I need to develop in order to make my 2010 what I want it to be.  Likewise, a big part of my 2010 plan will depend on being able to deliver on plans, and make things happen, so “Deliver” was set aside.

After a lot of thought, I realized that for the last 2-3 years, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking, reading, and exposing myself to new ideas.  I’ve done a lot of planning, and noodling, about where I want to go professionally and personally, both from a family and a fitness standpoint, but have not made a ton of progress towards any specific goals.  And so, I’ve decided that my themeword for 2010 is going to be ACTAct on the plans and ideas that I’ve cultivated over the last 3 years, and start to make them a reality.  Act on specific professional goals, so that I can see a measurable change in who I am professionally in 12 months.  Act on the things we’ve wanted to do around the house, to better adapt our home to our growing family.  And Act on some of the fitness goals I’ve set for myself for the past several years, but have never made a lot of progress towards. It’s just a 3 letter word, but it represents a ton of power and promise.

As with any plan, there are going to be bumps, detours, and it’s likely that where I end up in 12 months will bear little resemblance to the future I’ve got envisioned in my head right now.  But if I can look back at each month and recognize specific instances where I took concrete steps to ACT on my plans, then 2010 should be an exciting, fulfilling year!

I wish everyone reading this a very happy, healthy, safe and productive 2010, and look forward to continue to share and learn with each of you.

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