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How Do You Spend Your Fridays?

Posted in General by Jeff Graves on November 20, 2009

After a week that felt long and drawn out, suddenly it’s Friday, which for me always begs the question – how to spend this day most effectively?  I suppose some people would tell you that Friday isn’t any different than any other day from a work perspective – you’ve got things scheduled, tasks to complete, and if your long-term vision is in place, you just need to keep executing against it, regardless of the day of the week.

For me, though, I usually try to make Friday a bit of a look-ahead day.  All week long, it seems that there are countless fire drills that come up every day that take away from the big-picture, strategic stuff that I know, deep down, that I really NEED to accomplish in order to make the long term vision a reality.  So on Fridays I try to take a step back from the fire drills, and spend some quality time focused on my long term objectives.

There are some people who go so far as to have “email free” Fridays – I’m not sure I could go that far, but I have managed to discipline myself to only check my email every hour or so, and on Fridays, I’ll try to stay “in the flow” until at least noon.  That means checking emails early (perhaps on the train on the way in), and then doing actual, real work until noon.  That’s the plan, anyhow – we’ll see how it all pans out.

What do YOU do to make Fridays an effective end to a great week?



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