The Oaks Ignore Their Pleas

Surprised by the Yankees?

Posted in General by Jeff Graves on November 5, 2009

So the New York Yankees have won theirr 27th World Series title. Good for them…but is anyone really surprised? After all, they had the biggest payroll in baseball, and they’ve played like champions all year long.

Maybe it was fitting that they brought it back to the new Yankee Stadium to close it out, and give the House that Jeter built a proper housewarming. I’m sure there are plenty of NYY fans with smiles on their faces and a spring in their step this morning.

The Yankee organization shelled out an incredible amount of money this year on player salaries, and it (finally) paid off. Pay for Play does work, and maybe President Obama should take note when he hosts the Yankees at the White House for their traditional World Series champion photo-op. The Yankees wanted the best talent, they paid for it and got it, and are now reaping the results. Wall Street, take note!

But back to my original point – it all just seems so….predictable. The only thing that shocked me, frankly, was that the Phillies actually won two games. The way the Yankees were playing for the last month, I wouldn’t have been shocked if they ran through the entire playoff series without losing a game. Does that take away from their victory? Probably not. But doesn’t it just seem like we were watching a movie that we’ve already seen before? We knew how it was going to end long before the credits rolled.

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