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Links for the Week Ending 2/17/07

Posted in Links, Software as a Service by Jeff Graves on February 17, 2007

More great stuff from around the Web over the past two weeks, as seen from the Top of the Tree…

 There doesn’t seem to be nearly enough time to check out all the cool things I come across on the Web (see my planned Turbo Tax and Zoho reviews – which haven’t been written yet – as an example).  Added to the list this week is newly launched Google Trends, which allows you to do some cool analysis into what people are searching on.  Joe Wikert does some analysis and takes a test drive on his Publishing 2020 Blog.

Apparently Google is going to keep adding to my “to-do” list, as it appears they are adding a “PowerPoint”-like tool to their productivity suite.  Coverage here at Googlesystem, and here at Michael Arrington’s TechCrunch.

And just for Valentine’s Day, Kathy Sierra over at Creating Passionate Users provides an interesting take on business success – perhaps it’s not so much about merit as it is about LOVE.  Kathy’s take is that what is good for the customer is what’s good for the business – an idea so simple it shouldn’t be as rare as it actually is.  Businesses need to stay focused on doing right by the customer, and the rest will follow. 

And that’s it for now…


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