The Oaks Ignore Their Pleas

Blogging is Hard…

Posted in manifesto by Jeff Graves on October 5, 2006

Well, maybe that’s not entirely accurate.  When I first began this blog, a little over a month ago, I fully expected that I would post every day, maybe even make multiple posts per day.  After spending months reading great bloggers like Robert Scoble, Evelyn Rodriquez and Halley Suitt, it seemed like publishing a blog would be a great, light hobby.  But there’s a big difference between merely publishing a blog, and making meaningful posts. 

 Sure, I could jump out onto WordPress every night, and scratch down some random thought from the day, or regurgitate some gossip or some news story I read in the paper on the way home.  But that’s not what good bloggers do.  Good bloggers write thoughtful posts, with some insight or tidbits that one cannot find anywhere else.  Good bloggers come up with original ideas for posts, and communicate them in clear, concise, powerful prose.  And the thing is, all of that takes creativity, and skill…and TIME. 

And, not everyone is born with the right combination of those three things.  It’s certainly possible to develop skill, and improve one’s creativity.  With the right motivation and hard work, it’s possible to carve out time every day to write, and to think, and to find worthwhile things to pass along to others. 

So, I find myself working to improve my writing skills, and my creative powers, and most of all, I continue to try to find ways to set aside time, even just a few days a week, to be able to spend the right amount of energy to make good, sound posts.  It’s not something that comes naturally to me, and I’ve got a lot of improvement to make.


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