The Oaks Ignore Their Pleas

A Look Outside

Posted in General by Jeff Graves on September 19, 2006

Last week, Seth Godin wrote an interesting post about how many people DON’T “get” a lot of things that many people really take for granted.  As someone who relies on RSS feeds daily for the majority of my news and a good portion of my entertainment, it was somewhat eye-opening to see that only 12% of Internet users have even HEARD of RSS.  And that 90% of the people in France have not yet created a blog.

While Seth points out that all of this means that there are huge untapped opportunities for enterprising people, i’m struck by the fact it’s so easy to get wrapped up in what YOU KNOW, and assume that everyone else knows what you know, too.  I work in a group of smart, motivated people who are focused on building web applications.  Yet, based on a purely unscientific poll I’ve taken over the last several weeks, there do not appear to be anyone among my 20 close peers who read technology blogs on a regular basis.  This was shocking to me, until I realized that many of them are regular Netflix customers, and regularly have discussions on shows and movies that I have no clue about.  To them, I’m the person that falls outside of their world.  Neither world is “right” or “wrong”, but we need to realize that there are a lot of “worlds” out there, and that our little universe isn’t alone.


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