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More Second Life Issues

Posted in Second Life by Jeff Graves on September 15, 2006

Aimee Weber has a well-done post today on the Second Life Insider, asking Linden Labs to focus the next couple of months worth of updates on creating a stable, bug-free environment.  I couldn’t agree more.  For someone like me, who’s trying to build out a business in SL, each outage is frustrating and represents time lost in an already compromised project plan.  For someone like Aimee, or the Sheep, this time out represents actual lost revenue.  If the Lindens want the SL platform to truly be a engine for future growth on the Internet, these availability issues have got to get resolved.  Every outage is going to make a lot of potential customers think twice before committing their brand image to an in-world project. 

Oh, and I’m quite certain that the Lindens already know this – I’m not pretending to be offering up some amazing new revelation.  I also understand that updating a complex piece of software like SL is not like changing a few lines in a COBOL program that calculates bank balances.  It’s just really frustrating, standing on the outside as a resident, to be unable to get in-world and do what I want to do.


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  1. Trevor said, on January 21, 2007 at 9:12 pm

    I identify with the losses that Aimee and Sheep incur and would like to provide a financial solution, but I do not currently use Second Life, and my programming skills are extremely rusty. Would anyone be willing to discuss an in-world project that could help users mitigate, financially, the outage risk; in other words, would someone want to try to create a system that will allow users to insure their profits on outage days?

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