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SL Outage Tomorrow

Posted in Second Life by Jeff Graves on September 13, 2006

In the event you haven’t already heard, Linden Labs plans to close the Grid tomorrow from 7am to 12pm SLT (West Coast time), to implement the 1.12.1 upgrade.  My hope is that by taking the Grid for 5 hours, that LL is going to try and work through some of the bugs that have made recent upgrades a harbinger of more downtime.  It does seem like they’re trying to make things better, but it does seem like things aren’t getting better in terms of the bugs and crashes that everyone is experiencing.

Another interesting announcement from Linden involved the recent removal of the “Friend’s Online” page on the SL website.  The reason given is that there has been a ton of traffic to the site, which has caused challenges to Linden in keeping the site up.  Apparently, the recent password issues have caused an increase in traffic in general, so Linden is trying to allocate their resources as best they can to keep things up and running.  Unfortunately, the continuing problems with the Presence functionality have made the Friend’s Online page a key piece of the SL experience, since it’s been impossible to tell who’s online and who isn’t while in-world using the HUD.  Losing the Friend’s Online page is going to make it less “social” for people in-world, until the Presence issue gets resolved. 

I can only hope that tomorrow’s upgrade will bring some improvements.


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  1. Mandy said, on January 10, 2007 at 7:21 pm

    awesome site!

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