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Five Years Later – Missing Things

Posted in 9/11 by Jeff Graves on September 13, 2006

Exactly one year and a day after my last visit to NYC and Ground Zero, I made another trip to New York City, this time for business.  It was strange to realize as my flight approached the city, that another year had passed.  It seems like just a few weeks ago that I spent the morning walking around the WTC site, listening to the roll of names being called, seeing the memorials lining the streets. 

Our flight came down the Hudson, and as we passed the Tappan Zee bridge, I remembered how we used to drive over the bridge when I was young, on our way to my Aunt’s house in NJ.  On a really clear day, you could look down the Hudson, and see the Towers marking the horizon. 

As the skyline of the city appeared in the plane window, I looked towards lower Manhattan, as I’ve done so many times.  I still almost instinctively look for the Twin Towers at the tip of the island, and it’s a little disorienting to see a rather bland skyline where once a very distinctive one stood. 

Once I arrived at the client’s office, on Broad Street, by the waterfront, I took a few moments outside to check my voicemail messages, and realized that I was only a few blocks from Ground Zero.  I considered delaying my flight home, to take a walk to the site, and walk around again, but decided against it.  I know I’ll visit the site again, probably many times in my life, but not today.  Today, I just wanted to try and remember from a distance.


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