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Linden Labs Postpones the next Release of Second Life

Posted in Second Life by Jeff Graves on September 6, 2006

On the Official Linden Blog, Linden Labs announced that they will postpone release 1.12.1, which was scheduled to go live tomorrow, Wednesday September 6th.  The reason given was that they felt the software was not at an “acceptable quality for release”. 

Bravo!  Having dealt with very similar decisions in my RL job, I know this isn’t an easy thing to do.  The pressures to ship on schedule are huge, and it always feels like you’re giving yourself a huge black eye when you push something back from the announced date.  However, if there are quality issues in the product, then you’re setting yourself up for an even bigger black eye, one that customers won’t soon forget.  Push the release date out a week or two, and in 6 months, your customers won’t remember that, unless you still have quality issues after pushing the date out.  But release a crappy, buggy product, and they’lll remember it for years…seriously.

Clearly, Linden is listening to SL residents who have expressed frustration with the issues surrounding recent releases.  I’m sure there are people who had planned on fixes or functionality scheduled to be delivered tomorrow…but it will all be worth it (hopefully) when a cleaner, less buggy release arrives next week.


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