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Second Life Is Down…

Posted in Second Life by Jeff Graves on September 4, 2006

OK, I’ve been out all day, enjoying the long weekend and some time with family we haven’t seen in a long time.  And I come home, tired, but knowing I need to try to get a few things done on Second Life to advance my fledging business idea.  So, what happens when I try to sign in?  For the second time this week, I’m greeted with the “Second Life is Down for Maintenance” message.  This is frustrating.  It’s 10pm on a Sunday night, which for me, is Prime Time.  I’m pretty sure that for an awful lot of people on the East Coast and Mid-West, it’s pretty important time, too.  I’ve got things I was hoping to accomplish tonite, and depending on how long this outage lasts, I won’t be able to get them done.  Which means I’ll either have to take additional time out of my day tomorrow, or push my timeline back another day.  I’ve got enough unexpected events that compete with my time building out my business idea, without the SL Grid itself being a hindrance.

I know that Linden Lab doesn’t do this intentionally.  But I’m beginning to get a little concerned that every time there’s a new release, it seems like several days of unpredictable performance and availability follow.  If LL is hoping to position SL as the next platform for the Internet, we need to have better uptime.  I really hope that there’s a concerted effort being put into improving the uptime, and at improving the quality of the releases, to reduce the number of outages. 

I know I’ve heard comments on the Official Linden Blog about work being done to allow certain pieces of the grid to be brought down for updates without impacting the whole grid.  If I can locate the post, I’ll include a link to it here…I know it probably won’t help with certain types of systemic outages, but it’s got to improve things for a lot of people, I would think.

If anyone at Linden Lab is listening, the sooner the better, folks…

UPDATE:  It’s 10:15pm EST, and the SL website reports the Grid is back up.  There’s also a posting on the Official Linden Blog indicating that this outage was related to problems with the teleport function.  By the timestamp on the post, it looks like the outage lasted just about an hour and a half, which is an improvement over some of the 2 or 3 hour outages we’ve endured over the past month or so.


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  1. Torley Linden said, on September 4, 2006 at 5:33 am

    It’s definitely frustrating, and I totally commiserate with you. The answer is, and we can never make this obvious enough, that right now there’s a dedicated concentration towards better performance and stability overall. I in particular am looking for longtime pain-in-the-asses that have plagued us for years, and helping other Lindens to take a closer look at them so they can finally be halted and ameliorated. You may have already seen several examples in my Official Linden Blog posts.

    Lately there’s just been a particularly unpleasant frequently of various problems, and I also hope each instance will give us the opportunity to do things better so we’ll have better uptime and reliability for all our Resis.

    We’re definitely listening–thanx for blogging about it. 🙂

  2. mightyoak said, on September 4, 2006 at 5:57 pm

    Torley, I really appreciate you taking a few moments to respond to my post. The fact that you keep tabs on what people are saying in the blogosphere reflects well on your customer focus, at least in my mind. I understand that the SL Grid is a complex piece of software, and I wish you folks all the best luck in improving things.


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