The Oaks Ignore Their Pleas

Labor Day Notes I

Posted in General by Jeff Graves on September 4, 2006

After taking care of some things around the house this morning, I took my daughter out to Staples to finish her back-to-school shopping for school supplies, and then headed for Costco to do our usual bi-monthly supply run.  But when I pulled into the parking lot, I was met with an empty parking lot – Costco was actually CLOSED on Labor Day!! 

Good for them!  And, good for their employees!  A LONG time ago, when I was my daughter’s age, here in puritannical Massachusetts, nearly everything was closed on Labor Day, and it really felt like a true holiday.  I can remember walking down my street to the local mall, where the local coverage for the Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon was held.  They usually put on a little carnival, with games and contests, with all proceeds, naturally, going to Jerry’s Kids.  The ubiquitous “phone bank” was set up in the center of the mall, and I can remember going in to see the volunteers answering phones, and being amazed by all the mall stores darkened and closed.  Today, while some people get the day off, the great majority of retail employees have to treat Labor Day as just another day in their work schedule.  While it was mildly inconvenient to me that I was unable to stock up on paper towels and baby wipes today (my fault for waiting till we ran out of all of the above) it nonetheless made me feel good that at least one company believes their workers deserve a day off. 

For everyone out there, white collar or blue, employed or unemployed, may you have a good Labor Day!  Oh, and if you haven’t already donated to MDA today, please consider going to the MDA website and donating here, or call your local fire department, and see if they participate in the annual collection.  Whether you know anyone touched by a neuro-muscular disease or not, it’s a wonderful cause, and well worth consideration.


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