The Oaks Ignore Their Pleas

Dude, Where’s My Summer?

Posted in General by Jeff Graves on August 31, 2006

Hey, seriously…I’ve got a problem.  I lost my summer.  I mean, it was here just a minute ago, and now…well, now it’s gone.  Over the weekend, my summer was in full swing.  I took the kids to the playground, I got sunburned (bad daddy, forgetting the sunscreen).  And this morning, I’m on the way to work, and I see kids waiting by the side of the road, in sweatshirts and long pants, carrying backpacks that look way too large for them.  Traffic seemed much heavier than normal, and as I came around a corner, I realized that it was because a large yellow vehicle was stopped in the middle of the road, picking up kids.  It couldn’t be time for school to start again – it couldn’t!  My summer just started!  It can’t be gone already!

Seriously, I need to find my summer again.  It can’t be over yet – anyone seen it?


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