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The Requisite Google Post

Posted in Software as a Service by Jeff Graves on August 29, 2006

OK, I’m far from the first to post this, and I’m certainly far from the most qualified, but I felt like I had to jump on the bandwagon and mention that Google has started down the path of offering a complete “office” suite, by bundling Gmail, Talk, Page Creator and Calendar into a single service.  I plan to apply for access to the suite, to check it out, as I’m a current user of Google Calendar, and have lusted after Gmail for months now. 

The concept of web-based office tools is one that I think has a lot of potential, although as a devotee of Excel Pivot Tables, I have yet to find a web-based spreadsheet that will let me really replace Excel on a full-time basis.  So far, I’m partial to ThinkFree Office, which manages to provide most of the common Office functions in a spreadsheet, word processor and presentation slide manager, in a nice Java app that so far, has proven to be pretty resilient.  Of course, now that I have a number of spreadsheets and slide decks captured on ThinkFree, the barriers to my moving to another tool have been raised a bit, since it will take me a bit of time to download all of my files and upload them to a new tool.  The time spent converting, might make me tend to stay put, unless a tool comes along with some serious advantages over ThinkFree.  Short of making a Pivot Table function available, I’m not sure what features might come along that would be compelling enough for me to give up ThinkFree.  But hey, I’m always open to suggestions…


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