The Oaks Ignore Their Pleas

Regional Airports Rock!

Posted in General by Jeff Graves on August 29, 2006

I had to travel on business today for a short meeting in central New Jersey, and decided to fly into Trenton-Mercer County airport, a small regional airport with one primary carrier, the venerable Pan Am Clipper Connection.  Yes, the Pan Am name is still alive!

Well, sort of alive anyhow.  Pan Am runs a handful of flights a day on small (19 passenger) Jetstream 81 turboprop planes between Portsmouth NH, Bedford MA, and Trenton NJ.  They’ll be adding flights to Elmira NY and Baltimore MD in the coming weeks.

Despite the cozy quarters on the plane, the experience was, as my 4 year-old daughter would say, “easy – pleasy -lemon squeezy”.  I flew out of Bedford’s Hanscom Field, where I parked for free in a lot that was not more than 75 yards from the front door of the terminal.  Once inside, the same gentleman checked me in, weighed my carry-on, led us to the aircraft, loaded the baggage onto the plane, and acted as ground crew to prepare the plane for takeoff.  The airport in Trenton was slightly larger than Hanscom, but not by much.  All in all, with everything that’s happened in the world of air travel over the last two weeks, today’s trip was pretty much a cakewalk, with very little of the stress and aggravation that commercial air travel has become.

It’s unfortunate that it will probably be a while before I can take advantage of Pan Am’s service again, but you can bet that if I have a choice between fighting the crowds at Boston’s Logan International Airport and flying out of Hanscom, the little guy is gonna win every time.


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