The Oaks Ignore Their Pleas

Blog Manifesto

Posted in manifesto by Jeff Graves on August 27, 2006

Before I start posting to this blog in earnest, I wanted to set down a few guidelines that I intend to follow as I write and manage this blog.  I’ll reserve the right to make changes to these guidelines if circumstances warrant, but only after a great deal of consideration.

  • First and foremost, the views and opinion expressed here are MINE, not of either of my current employers, or of my family or friends.  If you disagree with anything I have to say, please take it up with me, not them.
  • I will make every attempt to be accurate and fair in my postings.  I will do my research before posting anything of a factual nature, and if my research is shown to be wrong, I will correct my entries, and admit my mistakes.  I also expect the same of anyone who posts a comment in response to something I’ve written.
  • I commit to fostering the free and open exchange of ideas on this blog, and as a result, I will leave “comments on”, and will not, as a rule, edit or delete comments from anyone.  The one exception would be if someone makes a comment which I feel crosses the line of decency, or makes a potentially libelous statement about someone else.
  • As an adjunct to the guideline above, I have no intention of entering into any “flame wars” with anyone over anything posted here.  An honest, open, disagreement or debate is one thing;  a series of hostile, personal attacks is quite another.  Anyone who chooses to take the latter approach, will find their comments left unresponded, and in extreme cases, may find their comments deleted.
  • I may, from time to time, make mistakes.  That is, I may post something that’s wrong, or that people find objectionable, either through my own ignorance or haste, or perhaps simply because I didn’t choose my words properly.  When that happens, I expect to be held accountable, and will do my best to rectify the situation. 
  • Finally, I’m doing this primarily as an outlet for my inner voice, and as an attempt to learn more about how blogs work, and how communities are built online.  As time goes on, my goals may change, and I’ll document them, or update this manifesto.  In the meantime, I’m here to learn, and will welcome any comments or help from whomever may come across this blog.

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